Disinfection Services

JC Sanitization is the leader of disinfection services. Since we launched our company, we have been offering highly effective, and cost-effective disinfection services in Hyderabad. We are dedicated to providing emergency disinfection and sanitization services to both domestic and commercial spaces. With the help of a highly professional team and advanced equipment we will disinfect the space efficiently. Our advanced micro bacteria disinfection service can kill 99.99% bacteria and harmful viruses and make the space healthy. So, if you are looking for the highly credible disinfection service provider in Hyderabad then get in touch with us. The level of professionalism you will see in our will take your expectations to the next level. 


Our cleaning experts are trained and highly experienced. They know how to disinfect the space efficiently. They come to your space in a PPT kit, advanced tools, and disinfections solutions. Being a leading disinfection service provider in Hyderabad, we do our task with professionalism. 


So, if you are seeking for the renowned and reputed disinfection service provider who can disinfect your space efficiently then get in touch with us. With full professionalism, and etiquettes our experts will perform their task and make your space highly protective and germs free. 


To support sustainability, we only use eco-friendly disinfection solutions. And our cleaning machines are also noise-free. To cater the needs of every customer we have designed various disinfection plans. So, if you truly need your space bacteria free then call us and book an appointment. As soon as we get your appointment, we will send our experts with all essentials cleaning equipment and solutions at your doorstep. 


If you think your space is loaded with lots of bacteria, viruses and dust, and you are spending your time on cleaning, then you are wasting your time and money. Cleaning is just the basic stage; it doesn’t make your space virus and bacteria-free. You need to opt for the disinfection services, where harsh chemicals are used to kill those bacteria and viruses. 


As a leading disinfection service provider, we properly disinfect your space. If you opt for our disinfection service periodically the chances of feeling sick will become less. To enjoy the healthy and peaceful life in this pandemic phase, it is essential to hire the disinfection service provider. 


Disinfection services for Office :


The areas that we cover in the disinfection services are mentioned below : 

• Countertops
• Windows and mirrors
• Door handles and knobs (main gate, washroom, etc.)
• Elevators
• Reception 
• Guard room
• Workstation 
• Stairs and railing
• Meeting room
• Conference room 


Disinfection Services for Home

• Countertops
• Windows and mirrors
• Screens of TVs, Computer and Laptops
• Door handles and knobs (main gate, washroom, etc.)
• Doorbell switch
• Dining and coffee table surfaces
• Arms of chairs from all sides
• Kitchen faucets
• Bathroom fixtures and faucets
• Switches and switchboards
• Switches and switchboards
• Refrigerator especially handles


JC Sanitization is round the clock available to help you regarding disinfection services. All you need is to dial our number and book an appointment. As soon as we get your service request we will look at it and instruct our workers to provide you highly-professional sanitation services. We apply disinfection services by following strict guidelines, and there is always one supervisor who guides our workers to finish the task effectively. 

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